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How to install a WCG200-CC router

Posted on January 15th, 2007 - by Liax Computer Repair

wcg200-cc.jpgThis is a requested guide on how to access and configure the Linksys WCG200-CC Comcast router. This router was discontinued in 2006, it was made by Linksys as model WCG200-CC.

The WCG200-CC Router is a mix of router and modem all-in-one solution, it has one antenna, it is black with a big COMCAST logo on the top side and it has a coaxial port, a USB port and four Ethernet ports, unlike most Linksys routers this one has a ON/OFF switch on the back side next to the antenna.


  1. Print this page
  2. Turn off your computer
  3. Press the switch to the OFF position (0)
  4. Connect the power adapter
  5. Connect the coaxial cable
  6. Connect your computer through USB or Ethernet. (I recommend Ethernet)
  7. Turn on the switch
  8. Wait 30 seconds
  9. Turn on your computer
  10. If your network settings are configured correctly you should be able to connect to the internet.
  11. Open your favorite browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)
  12. You should be able to access the internet

To configure your router for wireless access (for PC’s equipped with a wireless adapter)

  1. Open your favorite browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)
  2. Enter this number right where you type an internet address.
  3. Type the username (lowercase) comcast
  4. Type the password 1234
  5. Access the wireless settings
  6. Type a passphrase of your choosing
  7. Copy the long string of characters that generates below, double check all characters or it will not work. (This is your WEP Key)
  8. Save your settings
  9. Unplug the cable (You will get a ‘Disconnected’ message, its normal)
  10. Access available Wireless Networks on your Control Panel in Windows.
  11. Click on ‘Customer ID’ which is the default name for your router
  12. Paste the long string of characters (WEP Key), twice.
  13. Press OK, wait for a few seconds
  14. Open your favorite browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)
  15. You should be able to access the internet

NOTE: WEP is not the best way to secure a wireless network but it is still better than having no protection at all.

To reset the router to default settings
Use a pencil or a paper clip to press the little button on the back side of the router for about 10 seconds, then release; the front lights will turn red for a second and now your router has been reset.

Default Settings for your router

IP: (not
Username: comcast
Password: 1234

You can use the WEP Key Generator included in the CD, but it is not necessary if you follow my instructions.